Wide variety of paper bags

For pharmacies, fast foods, bakeries, or any kind of small items.
Eco-friendly packaging, reciclable and low-cost


Size and material of your choice

Different types of paper, broad spectrum of sizes
With or without bellows, or transparent PP window.

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Printing and customization

High quality flexographic printing in up to four colors.
Unique design with your logo, text or graphics.

Our products

Paper bags for your specific needs

Our company produces and sells pinch bottom (tapered) paper bags, for a wide variety of applications: bakeries, groceries, fast-food, meat and dairy, pharmacies, industrial small parts, basically any kind of small items.


Shape and size

We make "V" bottom (also known as tapered end or pinch bottom) paper bags, open on one or two sides, with or without bellows (wide side or envelope style), and with or without tranpsarent window (20 micron polypropylene). Sizes vary based on your needs:

  • height between 12-75cm
  • width between 8-35cm
  • bellow between 1-14cm

Types of paper

We work with different kinds of paper, depending on the destination of the bags:

  • white kraft paper
  • brown kraft paper
  • ribbed brown kraft paper
  • grease-resistant paper


On request we print the bags with your logo, or a text or graphic design of your choice. The printing is done on the manufacturing line, with a high quality flexographic method, and can consist of up to four colors.

Our products

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Vegadom House LLC

About us

Vegadom House has its headquarters in Miercurea Ciuc, and started producing a wide variety of paper bags in 2012. Our modern, german technology manufacturing line has a high production capacity, it can work with different kinds of paper, and delivers a high quality product. Our manufacturing process includes printing too, and also allows for a complete customization of sizes depending on the needs of the customer.